'abstract - the art of design'

I've been watching Abstract - The Art of Design on netflix. Thus far (2 episodes in), it's about mainstream pop culture design. Celebrity designers, consumer culture. Being suspicious of such things, but also enjoying them, I have found the show surprisingly insightful. The format pairs a story of the designer's career thus far, with the story of an immediate design challenge - illustrator Christoph Niemann looks back on his studies, arrival in NYC, and moving to Berlin, while designing an 'augmented reality' cover for The New Yorker.

What I particularly enjoy is the view inside the work day and work space. Looking at the books, the pencils, what kind of desks other people like. And the small observations on working methods. There are also moments of vulnerability, failure, and uncertainty - and brief discussions of how these were overcome. 

Bjarke Ingels has an episode coming up; will be interesting to see what kind of narrative is presented there.

The usual feeding of designer myths occurs - it's a slick production, but not entirely without nuance. A pretty easy watch for the end of a day.

image: http://nfgraphics.com/una-serie-de-netflix-para-disenadores-abstract-the-art-of-design/


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