more archive material to be published

announcement of the publication of a talk video, comment on the current state of the 'blue archive' project and why talks from 3 over 4 Under 2015 are being published. I cannot speak for everyone in involved in the project - many people have contributed their efforts in different ways, and there is little formality to the process.

Still, I want to offer some commentary on what is happening (and not happening).

firstly, here's the talk - Ben Caine presenting at 3 Over 4 Under 2015.

We have been recording for some time now, but have only previously published one talk.

The reason so little has been published is partly time; we have focused on recording rather than publication - and everyone is busy. The other reason is that we have not yet created our web platform.

The intention is to create a website with pages allowing sorting and curation based on a range of criteria, including some kind of thematic organisation. As I see it, this project is not intended to simply feed a lot of videos onto YouTube, worthwhile as that would be, but rather to provide a well organised collection of primary source material to contribute to an informed conversation around architecture in Western Australia among professionals, students, and the general public.

There are other such collections; The Architect journal, the column in the West Australian curated by Simon Pendal Architect, UWA's Architectural Projects series on significant local practitioners - and others. I hope to see this video archive join these materials as an important resource for information sharing and reflection.

As we have not yet had the resources to create more than the beginning such a platform, we have been hesitant to publish more than the two talks released so far - which we considered of topical import. It would be nicer to present a finished product.

With the demise of Architecture Week, and 3 Over 4 Under now an Open House Fringe Event, it was felt the archive material could be used to increase the reach and strength of this event series; hence the efforts to publish some of these talks before the archive project gets to a more developed state.


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