We were brought together by a large blue carpet in a space with a high ceiling.

By way of introduction, here is some background:

In the 1970's, my father undertook his Ph.D at the Australian National University. At the same time in the same department, some 10 or 15 other students were completing their own, in similar areas of research. Recently my father looked those other students up on the internet. They had spread to all corners of the globe, and were engaged in all kinds of work in all kinds of organisations. He told me that he wondered if they had kept in touch, maintained some kind of loose network, they might have been able to work toward collective goals as well as the individual ones which many have achieved so well.

Also, on a more practical level, many of us regret the passing of the lively CASA WebCT forum. Facebook, with it's proliferation of non-architecture people (and thus lack of focus) has proved a poor substitute. Whether just reading, or actively taking part, the debates were a lot of fun.

Which brings us to this blog, 'Blue Carpet Collective', an idea Hannah and I had discussed for some time.

A place to share work, thoughts and discoveries, offer comments, suggestions, critique and debate.

- Frazer.

From the Editorial Staff: 

A serious blog, but still light and fun, with many voices from many authors. More like the features section of the newspaper, or a magazine, than an online diary. Inclusive rather than exclusive, and plenty of opinion backed by the facts. A bent toward content made by us, rather than re-blogged - though of course, thoughtful re-blogging can be a wonderful thing. We like evolution, and aim to fulfill our role with a light hand. Thoughts? Share them with us!

The Blue Carpet Collective blog, BluePRINT, is currently edited by Frazer Macfarlane, Amanda Hendry & Hannah Gosling.

Contact us via email: bluecarpetcollective[at]