AJH feels that she consciously and unwittingly fell into Architecture and then a deviation of Heritage. She is currently trying to work out how providence may be dictating the terms of her relationship with architecture.

BL couldn't decide between being a dentist or an architect. Decided against being a dentist from fear of developing a bad back and acute boredom. Alas, has developed a bad back and a bad shoulder from studying architecture, but has learnt to appreciate the beautiful things in life.

BM has just returned 'home' from his other 'home'. His new aim in life is to hunt down and kill the person who stole Peter Zumthor Works: Buildings and Projects 1979 to 1997 from the UWA library.

FJE is interested in nearly everything, but tries to focus on architecture. With mixed success.

HG hovers between South-East Asia, Australasia and Europe. She likes Ribena and strong cheese, and currently has a thing for Brutalist architecture. Now that she has graduated she is trying to simultaneously pursue many trains of thought and bring ideas into being.

KF has a love of textiles, but not enough time to turn them into skirts. Her interests waft with breezes of opportunity, but are currently settled on developing processes by which design can be more useful to people living in poverty.

KvV has too many years of education under her belt and is looking forward to the day she escapes.

L is currently holding the position of European correspondent.