Library holdings:

'Utopia or Oblivion' by R. Buckminster Fuller
'The Fountainhead' by Ayn Rand
'Official Guide: The Alhambra and the General Life' (bought on site, great descriptions and all new discoveries documented)
'Parallax' by Steven Holl
'Breathable' published by Rueda (Introduction, 'A catalogue of practices, works, projects and essays where air, atmosphere, everything that surrounds us, is used to work and reflect upon')
'Industrial Ruins' by Tim Edensor
'Boomtown 2050' by Richard Weller
'Experiencing Architecture' by Steen Eiler Rasmussen

'Cities of Tomorrow' by Peter Hall
'Walking in Perth City' by Penny Grose
'See Through Ledoux' by Rodophe el-Khoury
'The Thinking Hand' by Juhani Pallasmaa
'The Eyes of the Skin' by Juhani Pallasmaa
'Differences' by Ignasi de Sola-Morales
Alvaro Siza El Croquis 68-69

'Materials for Design' by Victoria Ball with Patrick Rand
'Brick: A World History' by James Campbell (a very definitive book and the making and laying of bricks throughout history, accompanied by gorgeous photos of the results)
'How Buildings Learn' by Stewart Brand
'A Short History of Perth Architecture' by Geoffrey London and Patrick Bingham-Hall
'Modern Architecture Since 1900' by William Curtis
'Modern Architecture: A Critical History' by Kenneth Frampton
'Flexible: Architecture that responds to change' by Robert Kronenburg
'Graphic Anatomy' by Atelier Bow-Wow

'A pictorial guide to identifying Australian architecture: styles and terms from 1788 to the present' by Richard Apperly, Robert Irving & Peter Reynolds
'Symbols of Australia: uncovering the stories behind the myths' edited by Melissa Harper and Richard White
'Urban nation: Australia's planning heritage' by Robert Freestone
'The Australian ugliness' by Robin Boyd (fiftieth anniversary edition)

'Modernity and community: architecture in the Islamic world' by Kenneth Frampton, Charles Correa & David Robson
'Architecture of the Islamic world: its history and social meaning' edited by George Michell
'The mosque: political, architectural and social transformations' by Ergün Erkoçu & Cihan Buğdacı

'Envisioning information' by Edward Tufte
'Beautiful evidence' by Edward Tufte

'Blubberland: the Dangers of Happiness' by Elizabeth Farrelly
'Cradle to Cradle; Remaking the Way We Make Things' by William McDonough and Michael Braungart
'Design Like You Give a Damn' by Architecture for Humanity
'The Placemaker's Guide to Building Community' by Nabeel Hamdi


Any book on the buildings and places I've visited

'Utzon: inspiration, vision, architecture' by Richard Weston (I have concocted a scheme to acquire this at the cost of $350. I think it will have to wait till after uni!)
'Re:Housing' by Shane Murray, Diego Ramirez-Lovering & Simon Whibley (damn it - out of print!)
'Take 7' by Geoffrey London & Simon Anderson

'The first six books of the elements of Euclid' by Oliver Byrne, published by Taschen (saw it at the Taschen bookshop in Brussels (what a glorious place that was)...wish I'd bought it)

There is a series of books called 'Architecture Materials' which explore concrete, glass and wood, which would look great in anyone's reference section. - KvV

'Good Deeds, Good Design; community service through architecture' by Bryan Bell (might be relevant to a few peeps) - AJH

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