A list of Perth architecture (well, architecture-ish) websites and blogs which may be of interest.
Please email any we've missed.


Exciting blog full of great photos, abandoned buildings and travel to exotic locations, which takes a no-nonsense,  left-wing marxist view of Perth places and events.

Perth Architecture Happenings
The names says it all. Stays updated on events, and calendar. A strong voice on professional issues.

Perth's Best
A project from Andrew Murray (better known for his work on The Weather Ring and The Architect), this blog brings an art-history stylistic critical reading of Perth's building stock. Particularly strong on late 20th Century modernism; but features a vast number of short posts on all manner of buildings and architecture events from 2007 - 2012. Posts have dropped off since then.

Perth Urbanist
An ambitious blog started recently by some planning students.

What Would Frankie Do?
Susie's great blog.

Please email the editorial staff if you would like to add to this list.