Sketches from Spain


Barcelona Pavilion
The sculpture is a bronze reproduction of the piece entitled Alba (Dawn) by Georg Kolbe


Dali Museum, exterior sculpture holding a bright gold breadstick

View on old bridge towards the statue of the angel, Rafael (the city's protector) and opposite towards La Mezquita

Monastery very high in the mountains about 50kms out of Barcelona

San Sebastian


FJE said...

very rich sketches Amanda. I like the way parts are strongly worked (like the sculpted figures), while other parts are evoked with simple gestures. What a great recording of your travel.

AJH said...

Thanks, there was a few more that didn't make the BCC selection, I tried to employ a few different techniques as much as ~20mins allowed (extent of my concentration and BJ's patience). They are wonderful memory triggers for me, I can remember exactly what I was thinking and seeing when they were being done

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