PS14.02 Design for Learning #3

Notes on the Perth Samplings held by the Office of the Government Architect, in this case in collaboration with CEFPI.

Governor Stirling High School by Donaldson + Warn
High school for 1000 students on a small (aprox half size of usual) site. Replaced multistory buildings built in the 50's, key design drivers were responding to geographical context of river and historical (both indigenous and European) Guildford, build programming (proposed staged construction was challenged by design team) and accommodating an existing school community with established teaching programs and social contexts. The buildings have a strong civic character (as you can expect from D+W), sharply lined forms and appear generous in spatial diversity and finessed forms at the level of interaction - i.e. building elements forming seating, operable walls being deployed in carefully thought through scenarios. Materials included reduction fired bricks, which I knew about but was unsure why this firing process is employed - now I know it brings more variety of colouring with blues and purples. Brad Day presented in detail, and talked about difficulties as well as successes, which is important.

JSR Kindergarten
Innovative timber building techniques, efficient 18 x 18m square plan, simple structure. Resourceful and clear approach, without complication appears to have delivered a fun and successful outcome which was not an obvious solution but performs well (by Tom Brooking's account, and it sounds as though post-consultation has been worthwhile). Interior of building appears a great place to inhabit, particularly for young children.

HG and FJE were there documenting for the video archive.


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