WA Architecture Awards: Presentation to Juries - Live blog

We 'live blogged' the event on our Facebook page.
Here it is, as it happened:
9:06 Interior 9am - starting the Presentation to Juries liveblog.

9:19 Interior LM "what are you two vegemites doing here?"

9:21 Interior Bollig Design Group - Augusta Margaret River Shire civic administration (interior category). Smooth presentation to start the day, building had strong regional elements.

9:24 Interior PDFs need ctrl+L-ing.

9:27 Interior DMG - Crown Mansions: Opulence is the theme.

9:28 Interior presenting 'the shots'.

9:36 Res. Houses Multiple HASSELL WA - Rivershores: presenting site context and diagrams.

9.40 Res. Houses Multiple HASSELL WA - Rivershores: connectivity through the water journey.

9:47 Res. Houses Multiple HASSELL is saying 'tried' a lot.

9:50 Public Marcus Collins Architects - Tannock Hall: intentionally contemporary with respect to historic and material context.

9.52 Public Marcus Collins - "that is a huge truss I can tell you."

10.07  Public Armstrong Parkin Architects - Girrawheen Mortar Trades: taking us thoroughly through the plan. "Kalbarri brick used in relief and as brise-soleil."

10.15 Public juror comment: "sign of the times, lots of projects coming in under budget."

10:17 the Brian Klopper exhibition is open in the Cullity Gallery.

10:36 Commercial Parry & Rosenthal - Desalination Plant: client keen for the building to look friendly.

10:37 Commercial commercial: there is applause in this room.

10:42 Commercial Parry & Rosenthal - desalination plant: finding ways to design pleasant environments for day/night workers despite security constraints.

10:42 Commercial roaming 'innovative lighting' questions.

10:45 Interior just caught the end of Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland's Katitjin Centre: greenstar greenstar greenstar.

10:53 Commercial JCY - 167 Westralia Plaza: Won in a competition. Urban planning exercise as well as designing a building. Retaining scale at St Georges Terrace. Lively ribbon. As many car as cycle bays. Lots to talk about, running out of time.

10:59 Commercial JCY - 167 Westralia Plaza: plaza will one day be 11m wide (almost as wide as King Street's 12m).

11.13 Interior CODA Studio - CODA Studio: v3.0. Moving away and into new practice identity but retaining intimate domestic qualities. A space to grow into - sublettable space. Staircase, a major binding element, resulting in a dynamic work space (must go downstairs to access amenities). Highly collaborative and adaptive (to contingencies) construction process. Backpackers and office workers contribute. Honed hunter gatherer skills of EW.

11.26 Commercial CODA Studio - Women's Health and Family Services: Ramp, another binding element. Colour for navigation, 40 tints, painter went a bit mad. Old and new brickwork conversations. Interior material quality allows accessibility to new client groups. Facilitating first conversations and the encouragement of successful grant applications.

11.33 Commercial Whew CODAthon

11.33 Res. Houses - New Chindarsi Architects - C House: we have seen a similar C before.

11.37 Res. Houses - New Carly Barrett on a jury - great see a youth voice!

11.43 Heritage ALVA studio G04 - it has the most comfortable chairs, and will soon have Bernard Seeber.

11.46 Heritage Well it's Jonathan Strauss presenting.

11.53 Heritage Jurors get coffee service!

11.55 Heritage Bernard Seeber - Fremantle Railway Station: Cross sections of doorway paint layers. Decisions made piece by piece. Repairing, rebuilding, replacing.

12.40 Heritage Phillip Griffiths - "In a extensive survey of unicorn's horns, we found that the typical length is from the back of the head to the nose"

12.57 Heritage Where are Donaldson & Warn?

12.59 Consistant criticism of Subiaco planning processes

1.05 Small Fringe Architects - Murchison St Villa (small projects): boys moved back in!

1.30 Public Marcus Collins - University of Notre Dame Broome library hall and entry: Heavy community use of facilities.

1. 32 Oh no, the schedule is coming apart (ahead of time!) and wrecking our wishlist.

1.40 Public CH&BW - Katajin Centre: adding to a Howlett building/campus. Howard Taylor art as a touchstone. Healing Spaces (book) also applicable to spaces that one spends a lot of time in.

1.50 Public Public Buildings - a little bit of discussion starting around Greenstar - Marcus Collins and Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland. Bureaucracy, paper architecture, points, discipline, clients keen on spending pre-GFC budgets to buy more Greenstars.

2.01 Public Sandover Pinder - East Kimberley Regional Airport: presented by Mark Robertson. Significant terminal upgrade. Entry canopy. Picking bags up from the trolley is on it's way out.

2.36 Urban Design Bernard Seeber - Hilton Community Centre: Progress Hall. Master and social planning for future. Permeable boundaries of public reserve. Getting people and resources together to get a building project going. Connecting while retaining.

2.43 Urban Design Urban Design session: 26 people here: jury, presenters & audience. Small room is pretty full.

2.47 Urban Design Christou Design Group - Claremont Quarter: Retail advisors against open street. Council against residential overlooking the street. What is left? Waiting to find out.

2.50 Urban Design James Christou - "Claremont is a very simple offering"... there is little complexity in built form, esp. material.

2.54 Urban Design It has been apparent across the day just how political architecture is.

2.56 Urban Design James Christou is getting a crit on Claremont Quarter. This is great.

3.07 Urban Design CODA Studio - Pilbara Vernacular Handbook (for LandCorp): Architects have distanced themselves from the statutory process to the detriment of these places. Recent arrivals in transient place. Acknowledging the local vernacular (it does exist). Values, principles, strategies + case studies.

3.18 Urban Design Pilbara handbook has ignited serious conversation. CODA, Bill Hames and jury members. We want this book!

3.22 Urban Design CODA leaves, most of the audience goes with them. [KW stayed & participated in discussion - Ed]

3.33 Urban Design Hames Sharley WA - Waterford Plaza Shopping Centre: Entertaining but pertinent observations of the former plaza and other single use places. Working around and with the commercial realities. Halo at the heart. Giving the opportunity for alfresco and outdoor activity. Night time operation due to strategic zoning. Breaking down the big box.

3.33 Urban Design Bill Hames thinks he's presenting Waterford Plaza to Small Projects: apparently HS don't often do little projects like this.

3.53 That's it for our liveblog. It's been a great day, with a lot of engagement and dialogue, and loads of good architecture. HG & FJE.


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