Crown Hall

Today Google is celebrating Mies van der Rohe's would-be-126th birthday.  I thought I would celebrate it by posting some photos from my recent visit to Crown Hall at the Illinois Institute of Technology, also pictured in Google's doodle above.  It was great to see this building bustling with activity, although I also wondered if these were all architecture students staying back late for a crit, or to work in studio on their models and drawings.  Then again, who wouldn't want to hang out after hours in a Mies building... It was all very strangely familiar and yet I couldn't bring myself to step inside

Crown Hall is visible from the elevated train line, those lucky Chicago people

ahhh so good

let's get closer


closer...ach, people coming out the door! also look at all that 'universal space' being used...

some chair shadows lurking downstairs - furniture unit?

peering in at a downstairs lecture

watching a crit

class is over and just the models remain

If anyone from the IIT Architecture School ever reads this, they will surely think I am ridiculous...but it is very hard not to love your building!  Please forgive my silliness.


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