PS12.01 Macro | Micro Cities

PS12.01 Richard Weller + Anthony Duckworth-Smith

MACRO | MICRO CITIES - Strategies for Sustainable Urbanism

WINTHROP PROFESSOR RICHARD WELLER - Director of the Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC), Winthrop Professor Richard Weller has received a stream of international design awards for his work over the past 25 years. His work has been widely published and exhibited. Winthrop Professor Weller’s innovative urban planning work was published by UWA press in 2009 under the title of Boomtown 2050: Scenarios for a Rapidly Growing City.

Richard will discuss urban ecology, the emerging notions of metabolic cities and introduce his forthcoming publication which concerns ‘futurecities’ in Australia. He will outline the current state of our capital cities with regard to their policy settings; identify their shortcomings and then discuss a method for locating the future settlement patterns of Australia out to about 2100.

DOCTOR ANTHONY DUCKWORTH-SMITH - Anthony Duckworth-Smith is a researcher, teacher and practitioner at the Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC) with qualifications in both Architecture and Civil Engineering. Doctor Duckworth-Smith’s extensive understanding of design and transport planning has come about through a local and international career spanning over 15 years. His recently completed PhD addresses the problem of urban intensification along busy roadway corridors in Sprawled Cities such as Perth and grapples with the constraints and opportunities thrown up by these sites.

Anthony will present his current research which seeks to provide a vision for how the quality of our residential environments can be upheld within a higher density future.

Tuesday 24 April
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