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A discussion on a Victoria Park local 'facebook blog' (i.e. a page which someone uses to follow local events, businesses, issues and trivia), copied from facebook.

I have not made the posts anonymous, as they have been made on a public page.

I Love Vic Park
On the corner of Leonard street and Albany Highway, we like it!

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    • Andrew Herbert But what is it?
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    • Jay Wood Whatever you would like it to be

    • Suzanne Whittaker Public art is always a contentious issue but I think in this case the council took the easy way out buying off the shelf rather than commissioning for something for the location. Just sayin'

    • David Ashton This piece of art was purchased from the 2011 Sculpture by the Sea. We have or are putting in place 10 pieces of art in various locations - Albany Hwy, cnr Planet and Archer St Carlisle, Kensington Bushland, Aqualife etc - which were commissioned from local and other artists and tell a story about that location. David Ashton - Councillor Jarrah Ward.
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    • David Ashton According to the Sculpture by the Sea Guide this art is called "After The Rain" by Shaibu Kanyema from Zimbabwe. "The Sculpture tells a story of the first rains in Africa. The rains are sudden, powerful and bring with them an explosion of growth. After the rain, all things in nature come to life" - Maybe there is a message about Victoria Park in there somewhere.
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    • Frazer Macfarlane ‎" Maybe there is a message about Victoria Park in there somewhere" - well, one would certainly hope so!

      As Suzanne has said, public art is always a contentious issue, and I would like to contend this one. I applaud the Town for investing in public art, as I think we need to enrich our street-spaces. I think we can do better than the 'object on plinth' approach, buying from Sculpture by the Sea is pretty close to 'buying off the shelf', and I think the rains on Africa's relevance to the cnr of Leonard and Albany is questionable.

      There seems to be little information on the public art program on the Town's website; a public art masterplan which has been suspended - now it's "flexibility" and a "living landscape". Perhaps someone can point out where more information can be found.


      Victoria Park, Western Australia
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