Fiction architecture & a popcorn article

I just wanted to share my latest crushes (architectural of course).  It was either trying to articulate my rage at the many failings of this profession or posting about my new inspirations, I have chosen the later.

The title is borrowed from a theory pioneered or borrowed and at the very least propagated by Thornton Architecture.  The title is pretty apt for these whimsical projects.

Firstly Andrew Maynard Architects.  I recently spent a while looking through this practice's website after ADR published 'Hill House'.  Not my favourite as published on their website but the humour and sleek detailing does appeal and nicely shown in other works;

Butler House

Llamo House

Mash House

Secondly also published on ADR (there may be a pattern emerging) is Thornton Architecture's, The Milk Carton Extension.  Their website is divided into works by Simon and Freda, directors and life partners.  I have recently looked at the work by Simon which is self described as Fiction Architecture and can't get past The Gryphon Extension.  Which is so wonderful in a, 'how did that get client and council approval?' kind of way.  Any extension to an existing heritage home which looks like a dragon perched above the existing house replete with solar panel scales is a crazy kind of genius.

The Gryphon Extension

These projects give me a thrill when I see works, that I think I could not have designed because my love of a pure translation from concept to form, would not have allowed for these outcomes.  I can't help but make my designs a little more sensical instead of embracing non-sensical and then adding in more.  There is of course plenty of time though.  More is more in these projects, and to be so childlike, seems so confident. 

It might be important to note that while Andrew Maynard Architects office is situated in Melbourne both directors are staunchly tasmanians, where they undertook their educations.  Simon and Freda of Thornton Architecture met at the University of Melbourne and their office is situated in Melbourne also.  Are these the small firms with others such as Cassandra Complex (another firm with zany projects I love) carrying on the legacy of ARM and Edmund and Corrigan? (incidentally two firms which I don't love but do still appreciate).  Can these type of works exist outside of Melbourne? 

These projects appeal to me as feel good architecture, surely we can't all create sublime projects and the world might be a little too serious if we tried.


HG said...

After your recent presentation, I was really hoping to see some FAT!

FJE said...

someone should tag this post with an AJH, to prevent further confusion...

but you're right, FAT could fit in here nicely (AJH - go and check out their BBC Cardiff Studios facade!)

HG said...

Ha, right!

AJH said...

Mwah hah ha ha ha,
True FAT does fit in nicely but these were new finds!

FJE said...

and interesting new finds they are too.

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