Crushing on ROOM11

In the spirit of sharing our recent architectural crushes, I recently come across The firm Room11 (or so I thought). As I looked through their folio I began to recognise several projects which had intrigued me whilst studying but never really found the time to investigate.

Now for the spill of thoughts as to what I think about their works and why I think I'm drawn to them;

- Many of their projects seem to be obsessed with using the pure form of the cube in interesting manner.

- The playfulness in which they deal with exposure (through permeability of the skin of the building), materiality as well as light. I find draws me into these projects.

- They have also dealt with a couple of my favourites: opening and stair in some very delightful ways.

- Their drawings and renders while sometimes clunky are still beautiful and convey their ideas in brashly.

- They deal with space I feel in both a poetic and tectonic manner which I guess might be why it excites me.

- And I see myself in their work. As their projects are defiantly brain buildings (i.e. very thought out rather than going with the gut, not sure how to explain this bit. But if you know me you know what I mean). However, I don't think my designs were ever as clear as their projects are.



AJH said...

Some beautiful projects, good share. I know exactly what you mean about them being brain buildings, stronger on methodology than intuition perhaps, if that makes anymore sense. Your prob right that there is a clarity there that maybe some of your works haven't had but you always jam in so many ideas and questions, which can muddy the waters sometimes, I'm guilty of this too.

AJH said...

That's what I was going to say, this share has lead me to this book, which looks exciting: 'Infrastructure as Architecture',

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