Hidden Perth Architectural(?) Gems

This is to start a thread of places that you love, but may not know, the places you like to look at as you drive/walk/bus past on your way to ......

There is a certain house that is perched high on a hill in East Fremantle, and is a two minute walk from my Nanna's house. Every time I drive to my Nanna's house I covet the beautiful simplicity of this house, which can be seen from the intersection of Pier and Parker Streets. So much to my shock when I discovered a 'For Sale' sign out the front.

As curiosity would have it, here are the details (I sigh as the price flashes up and as I type this it is probably already sold). Yes, the inside does look old, but this house has a real street presence and if your ever in the area I would recommend a drive by:

Just an off topic point, I think someone should come up with the 'collage suburbia'. I do love this suburban area near my Nanna's house for it's very even mix of 'heritage' homes (Penshurst, Aldgate, Knocknagow etc), 50's/60's modernism, 90's/00's McMansions and a few that have just been Italian'o'fied in the past.


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