Well just wanted to post an idea I had. After hearing and knowing of graduates who either became disenfranchised with practising architecture or realised it wasn't the best way for them to contribute to architecture or maybe leading to different career paths, I wondered if any comprehensive survey has been done on Architecture graduates.

A possible survey could focus on the paths of graduates taken at 1-2 years after graduation and 3-5 years:
-what current field employed in (practising architecture, architecture related, design related, non related, other (travel, further study)
-what form (FT, PT, casual or contract, self employed).
-Happiness in employment; on work colleagues (support and direction), type of work, etc
- Income (per annum amount or hourly rate)

Of course all done anonymous.

Normally surveys are done to research a point, hmmmm. I think some aspects I would be interested in would be the retention rate in architecture after graduating and whether private practice is supporting graduates adequately?

So thoughts...
Inspired by what Glenn Murcutt said at Re:Hab (very much paraphrasing); that he teaches to contribute to the profession as he doesn't employ others in his practice.


HG said...

I'm pretty sure I have filled out some surveys by Curtin with similar questions to ones you have suggested, but they were intended for all graduates. I think one did have to specify what course one had taken.

AJH said...

Hmm was the curtin survey course specific enough to architecture??.
I was thinking it should be australia wide and all universities, even to compare if graduates get paid more on average in XYZ State/Territory/Island or other silly outcomes might emerge. More as a point of comparison for future reference.

HG said...

I don't remember, but I think a profession-specific one would be good in this case. Worth suggesting to / discussing with Head of Dep't or Institute? There may be some data out there already.

FJE said...

Surely the institute must gather this kind of data, and the uni should have it as well.

AJH said...

I can't be bothered taking it further than as a 'what if' at this stage, will google for any existing institute surveys. If these surveys have been done it would be nice if the findings were easily accessible. Checking uni surveys means checking the 18 Aust Universities that do architecture for any meaningful results another cbf at the moment.

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