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This reflects my general attitude to educating people about what architecture is (based on my limited knowledge at the time) and what we do.

In January (2011) my mum and her partner went on a camping holiday to the South West of our state. Staying in Albany, my mum recognised that the following building was most likely of architectural merit (she liked it) and proceeded to take photos to show me when she returned home. I thought a little sharing wouldn't go astray.

ALBANY ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE (AEC), Cox Howlett Bailey Woodland, 2010

Even though this building has been quite controversial, and I have a vague recollection that Albany residents were not big supporters of the design, I do think it seems quite nice. This is another building in the legacy of previous Government architect Professor Geoffrey London. The building is to be “an impressive design which will become the jewel in the crown of the new waterfront precinct", (Hon Michelle Roberts, 2006) and maybe a form of redemption for the Architects that produced the PCEC.



Gutter Detail! (This gutter as seen on the exterior photo)

Black tip of the roof is further explained in the next photo.

Just a dodgy remedy for a safety concern?

All in all, a quite impressive set of architectural photos!!!
- from a proud daughter


HG said...

I'm very impressed with these photos! You certainly must have had some influence if she is photographing gutters? I particularly like the photo of the entrance. Do you know what the sculpture is made out of?

AJH said...

The entrance is my favourite shot as well, I like the handrail as it looks more wonky than practical but I think that's just a trick of perspective. The sculpture is hollow metal.

Susie said...

love this! i particularly like the roof overhang! Go amanda's mum!

FJE said...

The gutter is very interesting. I got intimate with a gutter at work today, on the site of Taylor Robinson's WAAPA extension.

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