Talk Notes: PS12.03: design and community; creative outcomes in Fremantle

transcribed from my notebook; a few brief notes

Fremantle Bike Trees
buttress roots [link to MO, fairy lights, tree socks].

Bernard Seeber
Fremantle Train Station, Hilton Community Centre. Using existing fabric, putting things together the wat they were designed in the first place (because it's cheaper, easier to maintain and helps with continuity of community - but mainly cheaper). Adding to existing value.

Michael Patroni
Knutsford Consortium, development of a Knutsford (Brownfield development inland from Fremantle) lot. Managed to deliver sophisticated material outcomes and a 4.5M wide back lane (hard to convince State Planning), which would achieve a proper second order realm. Fremantle successful because of pre-car streetscape (among other factors).

As ever, thanks to the team at the Office of the Government Architect for all their hard work organising and curating this talk series, and the speakers.


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