Interior: A State of Becoming

Interior: A State of Becoming Public Events are now open for registration! Come see the exhibition, watch keynote presentations by Beatriz Colomina and Charles Rice, attend a master class with Jon Goulder, or enjoy a Sunday sesh of seven significant local design practitioners. The symposium itself will host 35 national and international speakers presenting and discussing research that examines significant issues in relation to Interior Architecture. 

An Interior Affair: A State of Becoming (exhibition opening)
Thursday 6 September, 6 pm at FORM.

An international exhibition exploring the world of the interior as a state of constant and dynamic 'becoming'.  Guests are invited to preview the creative works that challenge our preconceptions of 'the interior' through a diverse range of research projects prior to official speeches beginning at 6:30 pm.

Entry free of charge.  RSVP by 5 September to rsvp@form.net.au or (08) 9226 2799

Interior: A State of Becoming (symposium)
Friday 7 & Saturday 8 September, 9 am to 5 pm at State Library of Western Australia.

The two day symposium on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September consists of a series of presentations and forums that draws on national and international research to exam significant issues in relation to Interior Architecture.

One day registration: $250 or $135 unwaged/concession, two day registration: $550 or $270 unwaged/concession.  Registration includes morning & afternoon tea, lunch, two keynote presentations and pre-event drinks.  Proof of concession required.  Register online here before 31 August.

Charles Rice presents Atrium Effects with Bob Stewart from Zenith (keynote address)
Friday 7 September, 5:30 to 8 pm at State Libary of Western Australia Theatre.

Charles Rice, an architectural historian, theorist and critic is Professor of Architectural History and Theory and Head of the school of Art and Design History at Kingston University, UK. His speech: 'Atrium Effects: John Portman and the Emergence of Interior Urbanism' looks at the experience of being 'inside' a city, in particular being in atrium spaces which Rice finds compelling not simply because they can be so spectacular (and also incredibly banal) but because they defy the terms by which urban space is normally critiqued. For Rice, Interior urbanism is a new kind of spatial development in the city.

Entry: $40 or $30 unwaged/concession.  Register online here before 31 August.

Saturday 8 September, 5:30 to 8 pm at State Libary of Western Australia Theatre.
Beatriz Colomina is Professor of Architecture and Founding Director of the Program in Media and Modernity at Princeton University. Her speech 'Unbreathed Air, 1956: Alison and Peter Smithson's House of the Future' looks at this playfully seductive house that takes advantage of all the latest technologies to deal with the most basic of all emotions – fear.
Entry: $40 or $30 unwaged/concession.  Register online here before 31 August.

Sunday ‎9 September, 8:30 am to 5 pm at Midland Atelier.
Jon Goulder's Master Class is the opportunity for those interested in working hands-on alongside design practitioners, academics, students and with technical support, to collaborate in the processes of design and making from concept development to prototype and full scale construction.

Limited to first 20 registrants. Entry: $220. Refreshments provided. 
Register online here before 31 August.

Sunday ‎9 September, 6 to 9 pm at State Library of Western Australia Theatre.

Seven significant designer practitioners with local, national and international experience across a breadth of design disciplines including architecture, furniture design, interior architecture and graphic design have been invited to speak for 15 minutes. Each presenter will use a series of slides as a vehicle to discuss their work, key inspirations, key projects as they address the theme: 'Practice: a State of Becoming'. The Bar and breaks between speakers will provide opportunities for questions, discussions and mingling.

LEE JACKSON - extraordinary design practitioner
EVAN REEVES - Associate and Senior Designer (Award winning Venn) at Geyer
FELICITY LAM - Senior Interior Designer at Schin Architects
PENELOPE FORLANO - Academic and award winning furniture designer
JON GOULDER - Award winning designer and maker at FORM and Midland Atelier
SIMON PENDAL - Award winning architect and co-founder of Pendal and Neille
TANYA SIM - Award winning Managing Director Block Branding

Entry $10.  Register online here before 31 August.

Registration information: if you are NOT ATTENDING THE SYMPOSIUM but would like to attend the PUBLIC EVENTS, please select 'not attending symposium, take me to the other events' and make your event selection there.


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