Curtin Open Day 2012: a SWOT analysis

Strategic Objective: Answer the question 'what is Architecture?' in five minutes or less.

- five or more years experience in impromptu presentations
- your folio (useful as a presentation aid, or distraction)

- the proximity of the IA table (when you are explaining the difference)
- Stephen Neille standing next to you while you explain what architecture is

- teenagers who actually seem interested in what you have to say

- disinterested teenagers
- cross-examining parents

Crisis management case study scenarios:

"What is Built Environment?"
Subtext: This is not the sign I was looking for.
"So...what's architecture?"
Subtext: Is this the one about dinosaur bones?

"I need a career!"
Subtext: I/my parents think I should have something to occupy my life, or I/my parents need/want me to have money.

"Oh, you've graduated!  Do YOU have a job?"
Subtext: As if anyone with a job would be here on a Sunday.

"How much do you earn?"
Subtext: N/A

Sarah McGann sends someone over to you to talk about 'the social side'.
Subtext: You had too much fun at university (?)

"It's long and um... hard."
Subtext: Oops.


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