A Tribute to the Lion

Today I am going to be a big cat person. I feel like I've seen a lot of lions lately, so this is a 'tribute' post.

These were my favourite lions (and unicorn).

I also generally liked the selective use of gold in the coat of arms.
Buckingham Palace, London

This lion seemed a bit more weather worn.
Buckingham Palace, London
Here are some people standing with some lions (on either side of the photo).
I have started to think that Victoria was a pretty awesome queen - a lot happened and got done during her reign!
Victoria Memorial (in front of Buckingham Palace), London
This building was built in the 15th century and depicts the four continents of the world: Africa, America, Asia and Europe.  Yes...Australia was not yet 'discovered' by them Europeans!
Ancient House, Ipswich
There are two lions on the Lancaster coat of arms, which also says 'Luck to Loyne' (Loyne is an old name for the River Lune).
Ashton Memorial, Lancaster
I think this is a merlion, rather than a lion, on my favourite house in Ipswich.  I recently discovered this house was constructed as a builder's experiment out of scavenged bits from other houses he was working on.
Forty House, Ipswich
This lion has its paw on what looks to be a ball...I'm not sure what it means in this context, but Chinese lions that guard buildings usually have their paw on a ball too.
Gardens, Bath
I liked this lion's mane and its neatly placed paws.
War Memorial, Bath
This was a random gate I saw in Berlin.
Social Science Research Center, Berlin
This is a lion from the Ishtar Gate. He looks pretty fierce as he looks like he is roaring while he is having a walk, but he is having a walk along some daisies, and this makes him less scary.
Pergamonmuseum, Berlin
A male and female lion in chunky sculpture form.
Pergamonmuseum, Berlin
I can't tell if this lion is ornamented with earrings and a veil, or if that is supposed to be its mane.  Also, its ribs are showing - someone please feed it!
Neues Museum, Berlin
Abstract lion - I think this is my second favourite lion
KUL (I think), Leuven
This lion goes around dancing at people's businesses at Chinese New Year to bring them good luck and fortune.
Lion Dance at Plaza Singapura, Singapore
I didn't manage to take a photo of the Singapore Merlion this time round, so here is an old photo of it. In case you didn't know, Singapura means 'lion city'.
Sentosa, Singapore


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