Mapping the Grand Tour

Here are my wanderings around London, Berlin, Rome, Paris and Brussels. I've tried to make all the maps at approximately the same scale (though this is hard to do in Google Earth).

I thought it was quite interesting to compare the extents of urban fabric, greenery and perhaps the effect of climate on the 'colour' of a place? Also interesting to note are the presence of rivers: the Thames, the Spree, the Tiber, the Seine, and the Senne (which has now been covered over by boulevards).

I also like how erratic some of the wanderings appear to be, and how some paths are taken over and over again.


FJE said...

I wondered about this when you first posted Berlin... did you use a GPS device, or app on your phone?

HG said...

It was old-fashioned pen to paper notes made while looking at a map, at the end of each day. This was followed by recent path-drawing on Google Earth. Brussels is probably a little inaccurate as I did a lot of following Lucy instead of finding my own way!

AJH said...

Nice Work, like red string pathways. London looks hellishly monotonous from the aerial, but I can't go past the clear grids and arid land of Rome, it's just so appealing.

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