Ceilings of Europe

L + HG were seen together in some buildings in London, Rome, Paris and Brussels.

Palais de Justice de Bruxelles / Justitiepaleis van Brussel
Law Courts of Brussels (1883)

Architect: Joseph Poelaert
a.k.a. largest building constructed in the 19th century, and most insecure law court building ever! The Heritage Council equivalent won't allow them to install security cameras or metal detectors so people have been known to walk in and shoot judges

(See also L's post)


Thomas said...

Not only walking in and killing someone is ridiculously easy (as you have said), but one of Belgium's most infamous criminals, Marc Dutroux, managed to simply walk out while he was on trial there. He was found a couple of days later.

AJH said...

That is really ridiculous, security camera's could be tiny, surely there is a way, probably a very expensive way, but do they want a museum or the building to function as it was intended??

HG said...

There was recently an ideas competition for this building. See brusselscourthousecontest

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