House With Rooms

Its funny being in a house with self-closing doors and well-sealed windows in a different climate. Lying in bed this morning I was thinking 'la chambre' (French: bedroom) in this climate really is like a chamber. Rooms are very self-contained, and it makes me appreciate the climate in Australia where ventilation is often a good thing and you can take advantage of the 'open plan' without having to worry about heating bills. I don't know if I would want an open 'house without rooms' in this climate, but Raimund Abraham's is a series of intimate nodules dedicated to one activity, and I can see how that could work. It also makes me wonder about the role and sizing of hallways in the home (I want to read Bill Bryson's 'At Home', I think he mentions this).

Also I can see why the English like their tea...I think you need a cuppa to deal with the fact that the sun gets out of bed later than you!


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