Architecture Walks

In the latest ADR newsletter (18/11/2010) there is an article on Sydney Architecture Walks & Bikes. I noticed that their tagline was 'ideas through architecture'.

Whilst I was in Brisbane, I went on an architecture walk with JW and LW (and two other Melbournian ladies). Our tour guide was an architecture student that JW knew, which was pretty cool. We booked this through the visitor information centre in the Queen Street Mall.

When reading about Heritage Days last weekend, I heard that Two Feet & a Heartbeat were running Perth Exploration Tours (now Perth Urban Adventures). I had previously looked at the City of Perth's self-guided walks. I'm pretty sure you can pick these brochures up from the visitor information centre in Murray Street Mall. There are also Fremantle Urban Adventures and Fremantle self-guided walks.

I think there are two approaches to architectural tours here: ideas and history/heritage.

I was reminded of flâneurs (Walter Benjamin) and the dérive (I have a book in studio somewhere on the Situationists).

Two thoughts:
How do you wander around the city? Is there a particular path or set of routes that you take?
What do you think of architecture students being tour guides in their cities?


FJE said...

Thought 1: I'll consider the path I take next time I'm in the city

Thought 2: I think it is an excellent idea, I think it would be a great way to take pride in our city, and engage with the non-architect population in a conversation about the built environment (after all, it's really their city). Imagine all the thoughts that might be seeded by conversations with visitors to a city (or even residents).

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