Work in Progress: Cladding

I miss site visits in Building Technology, it was nice to see work in progress.

Here are some photos to do with cladding, from the last time I was in the city.

City Square (Westralia Square site)
© Hannah Gosling, 2010.
Raine Square
© Hannah Gosling, 2010.
St George's Cathedral
© Hannah Gosling, 2010.


FJE said...

City Square (by Hassel & Fitzpatrick & Partner). 'Westralia Square' is the name of the site, which has been in limbo for 20 years after WA Inc.

It's a new WA HQ for BHP-Billiton.

HG said...

Thanks for the info, Frazer.

City Square has a rather snazzy fly-through on its website.

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