Barcelona Modernist Blues

© Amanda Hendry, 2010.
© Amanda Hendry, 2010.
Two unfinished creatures opposing each other over the pedestrian promenade.
One creature, eager for a view up Avenida Diagonal,
hulking on the corner,
a black form,
legs tensed holding up the mass of the body,
a shimmering belly, the reminder of its sea side position,
its internal organs being rearranged,
its tough skin ready for attack by its seemingly disarming neighbour.
Does the skin with a few contortions for the catchment and flow of light
reveal a creature unsure of itself, so very young in this city of elders.
The neighbour so arrogantly self-assured,
as white and pure in appearance to equal the dirty, black night of its own exterior.
A contrast of mass,
sure of its placement on the site,
lazily gazing out over the water
and yet to the avenue and that of the squat form of its inferior neighbour.
Both a little unsure of the nature of their first conversation,
both unexpected modern familiars,
both aliens waiting for time to make them accepted residents of the city.

(In a strange mood to wax lyrical about a building that looked sad, written on site 25/9/2010, by far the least impressive modernist architecture seen on our travels.)

© Amanda Hendry, 2010.
© Amanda Hendry, 2010.
(Barcelona Forum Building by Herzog and de Meuron, Diagonal 00 Tower by Enric Massip- Bosch)


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