design update: complex studio

Opera house design proceeds, slowly. I have a concept, which is, loosely:

'Leave the City and Northbridge divided. Arrange the building around a high point toward the horseshoe bridge, which now circles around a lantern, visible down William street and containing the foyer and other public areas. Linking the city is a rebuilt and inhabited pedestrian bridge'.

I am working on the tasks Simon has set for Wednesday; plan, section, elevation, 'idea model', all to be the same scale (I have nominated 1:500, for compatibility with the site model)


HG said...

How was your visit to the rail reserve? I am quite interested in this area at the moment.

FJE said...

Yesterday's visit didn't result any great insights. Last time I felt that the railway was a very interesting spectacle, with it's profusion of wire and snaking lines, with trains sliding along them, emerging or disappearing into holes like so many segmented worms, hissing and screeching at one another.

I'm interested to see how all this goes down with tutors and critics, because I am sure not everyone will take the same view!

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