Imagine a world without architecture

Imagine a world without architecture...
Where would we be without it?
Advertisements for Architecture 2010

Some of us did this as an assignment for Architectural Management. I would be interested in having a discussion about them. If you are alright with showing them on here, please email me an A4 x 72 dpi of your poster.

© Hannah Gosling, 2010.

Design Statement: The text and illustrations of Robin Boyd's 'The Australian Ugliness' were a source of inspiration for this poster. Although this book was published in 1960, the commentary on the conditions of the built environment still resonate today, particularly in project home suburbia.

The primary target audience for this poster is the ordinary citizen; one who might not usually consider employing an architect to design for them. The poster aims to question the mediocrity that many people settle for, and proposes that without architecture, special would be (or is) a bit dull. It proposes a state of living where the rubber stamp house (you get to pick the colour!), spreads its inky stain across the Australian landscape.

This poster also aims to highlight the way to resolve this, by choosing good design and by employing highly educated and experienced design professionals such as architects.


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