CineCity entry

At risk of overloading the simple 60 second film RJ and I made for CineCity, I would like to discuss some ideas about collaboration and film which I (I don't speak for RJ) have been thinking about as a result of the process.

We thought the brief pointed toward a minimal approach (as it allowed no tripods, no effects - even a minimum of/no edits to the footage, depending on whether you're reading the mobile version or not), and so we approached it as a process of 'finding' footage by filming interesting scenes on our phones, and discussing them, and their relationship with the brief.

 RJ found an interesting passage through the Cottesloe sundial, and at this point we decided to structure the collaboration split along vision/sound lines. RJ produced number of iterations over 3 visits, we chose the 60 secs which we felt communicated our ideas about material and immaterial; I discussed my ideas for the soundscape which was intended to intensify the ideas communicated by the video, and add an extra layer of allusion.

explanatory text provided to jury¹:

The immaterial and material worlds operate simultaneously; under a diffuse overcast sky, a sundial is defused, its assembly is brought to the fore. A journey through this assembled space, back to the unarranged landscape of limestone outcrops, sand and sky. 
Collaborative project operates around division of approach; vision found and captured by RJ on his phone in having sought existing paired environments; assembled and unassembled conditions. Soundscape constructed as a response to vision and in context of brief by FJE.

To my mind, this competition attempts to induce an element truthfulness in the portrayal of the experience of a place. There is a lot of discussion at the moment centred around the influence of magazine and blog photographs on design and consumption of architecture; video is certainly on the rise, and is a medium with greater potential for seduction and distortion of reality than still photography - but also, I argue, greater potential for the truthful capture and communication of a spatial experience.

¹some minor edits


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