A Library on Fire.

Ever wondered how a library accommodates all the new books without ever having to under go physical expansion?

The spatial resolution exists in the form of a metal skip bin. 

Recently an exhaustive process of 'weeding' has  been undertaken to accommodate the introduction of new literature for a future school of medicine. Items of low usage were recently targeted and removed in a blitz of up to 8000 casualties. This perpetual process does not account for the fact that many of the items removed were in formats of slide film and videotape - that are only accessible on equipment available in the library itself - and therefore not typically borrowed out nor registered as in demand. Extra shelf space does express the complete waste of children's books potentially gifted to community services or the loss of one-off architectural editions which have now all gone to ground without being offered to the respective resource centres for use in their own collections.

Was there any way that these items of knowledge could have be saved?
The heavy pad locks used to secure shut the bin lid suggests not. 

So for now we can all visit the skeletal metal monument to lost recordings currently erected on Level 5, search the catalogue for what will never be known or simply wonder aloud just what the '10 Favourite Buildings' of Ignasi SolĂ -Morales might have been from the few ghost catalogue entries which remain. At least when we are all done and disappointed we can still self-loan the 'Invasion of the Space Lobsters'  - 813.54 INV.

Image: www.dtravelsround.com


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