PS12.01 Macro / Micro Cities - Liveblog

17:44 Perth Samplings 12.01 tonight, Richard Weller & Anthony Duckworth-Smith presenting 'Macro/Micro Cities'.

18:25 Gently rousing intro from Melinda Payne, Richard Weller off to a start at 6.20. 

18:27 Richard seems to be working on Boomtown on a global scale. He's just back from China - "in a way, apocalyptic".

18:30 New discipline: urban ecology. Cities as living breathing entities.

18:32 No, it's actually a Boomtown for the whole of Australia.

18:36 24 new Perths needed this century(ish), cities will get too big & too dense - do this to max, then find sites for new cities.

18:36 Polycentric - "you want to make a fruitcake, not a loaf of bread."

18:39 "The Australian community is a no bullshit community - I'm all for imaging, but we need sensible researched proposals." - Richard Weller

18:47 "It's not rocket science, that's where we have to achieve urban density."

18:54 Bos-Wash megacities for the east and west coasts of Australia? But they've left Margaret River alone because people like to have their holidays there. 17 high speed rail stops between Brisbane and Melbourne.

Now for Darwin. It's wrong having an airport on high land where there are no mosquitoes. Build a spanking 21st century university and open your doors to the Asian market.

19:00 Washed up alcoholics built Australia's great cities, we can do great things in the 21st century.

19:03 Pilbara futures? Sophisticated camps? What can we learn? Building towns - will they endure beyond 60, 70 years?

19:08 10 billion (and the quality of life they desire) is the challenge.

19:28 Next up, Dr Anthony Duckworth-Smith.

19:36 Acknowledgment of other researchers (finding other people who may be doing it better than oneself).

19:36 Duckworth's work focuses on corridors and housing. Using bus routes and frequencies, sites were chosen that require work. By changing scales we can think about the effects that urban design has at this scale.

19:39 Perth has 'ribs', running east west with a beach on one end, transit hubs on the other and a shopping centre in the middle.

19:42 Noise contour mapping, what sites are compromised. Grotty edges can be redeveloped.

19:49 Working model photos - showing thinking between macro micro city.

Juicy liveable interiors.

Indulgent architectural drawings.

What are the quality objectives?

19:53 The medium scale is largely a no-go, across Australia (the choices are small or large?). The Barcelona model is difficult to realise.

19:56 Question for clarification. Goldilocks medium scale is not possible according to development economics - the feedback hasn't been positive.

20:01 Need large format texture to ameliorate road noise, leafy greens won't do.

20:01 Let's demonstrate close living.

20:03 And we're wrapped up in time for dinner before the crankies set in?


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