Boral Blues

After a long session, the athletes are tired and drained. Many schemes for a small brick factory have been generated, designed and discarded. Eventually the ideas exhausted, the team collapsed on the sidelines.

Losing our way:
Disconnect between idea and function. We had trouble synthesising the ideas about how the building might be used (brothel, clinic, residential) with material and spatial concerns (spatial interest, use of Boral materials, fitting it all in).

Stacked concrete well-liners adapted as habitable towers.
"like living in an Aalto vase" - AJH: new curvilinear planf-orms to keep spatial interest with efficiency not available with cylinders. Tried soap bubbles, individual panels (standardised), timber frame.
Pods: use plasterboard pods within shell of building - cheap way to change use, easy to dispose of, easy delineation between existing and new. Hanging pods, grounded pods. Precedent: 'Cassandra Complex - Chameleon'.

Work Patterns
Discussion of brief and site. Approaches, group sketch session, thinking about uses (not doing archi-cliches like cafe, art gallery or urban farm). Mediatheque, based on projection, integrating digital and analog culture, interaction with digital in physical space. 'Socially responsible brothel': clinic, private residential, bar and 'working rooms', Western Australia is legislating in prostitution. Themed rooms for Boral materials - "hardwood solid strip flooring is precision milled with a tongue and groove profile that is also... a tight board-to-board fit". Plans, sections and perspectives separately, then present and compare.


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