Architecture & Culture 302 presentations

there is something different about building 201 today...
coffees and hot chocolates are primed and ready

What else could it be but Culture 302?

Rottnest Island and the new graves tour
Mount Rushmore and the plastic surgery operating theater
Auschwitz and Chauswitz
Federation Square and flowcharts of building 201
Fremantle Prison and the chain of time
Teotihuacan and speculation
Persepolis and aspiration
Ground Zero and the rebuilding of America and the world
Parc de la Villette and meaning
Tikal and time
Machu Picchu and the sale of speculation
Alhambra and the tourist shop (with new 3D puzzle!)
Statue of Liberty (America's Next Top Liberty)

(Sorry to those who used digital presentations and got missed out, it was hard to get a decent photograph!)


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