situate (under construction)

The Vision

'situate was an international sculpture competition for Perth, Western Australia.

$1 million was offered for an artwork to transform the city landscape, with Forrest Place - the location of a proposed major upgrade - announced as the site.

The competition provided a model of cooperation between State and Local Governments to deliver major commissioned artworks within the city CBD. It was an invitation to think creatively about what we want from our capital city.

This competition has provided tangible illustrations of what can be achieved when committed to the belief that our sense of place and regional identity can be reflected in our built environment.

The winner of the competition - James Angus and his team - was announced on Friday September 11, 2009.

James Angus' artwork will be the single largest art commission undertaken in Western Australia.'

For more info about the winning entry, see the DCA website.

Do you think the vision has/is being met?


AJH said...

Does this sculpture resonate/interpret/demonstrate our 'sense of place and regional identity can be reflected in our built environment'?
In my mind, not at all, I think the major problem with the sculpture is ironically it's site or situate-ion. Maybe this would look interesting not in the middle of the path (that they have spent so much money on reinstating to lead into the entrance of the train station) but in the air, elevated or like a parasite supported from a building facade or walkway *cough* the walkway over Wellington Street. I hate to criticise an artist's work, especially as James Angus was born in WA and lived here until finishing his studies, but it looks like a nuclear cactus. This is definitely not on par with 'Escalon' or the Northbridge piazza traffic portal (name???). A little embarrassing for the largest single art commission undertaken by WA as usual we aspire for 'Cloud Gate' by Kapoor and pay for an oversized cactus.

Ciaran said...

I like it ;) Does it resonate/interpret/demonstrate our 'sense of place and regional identity? Well it got built so it must in some sense ;) Seems to me new Perth CBD is very crisp and kind of electric. The cactus and the Northbridge lightning bolt complement that...so I reckon.

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