Finding Urban Space for Children - Candidacy Presentation - Courtney Babb

On Friday in building 201 at Curtin Uni Courtney Babb will present the topic of his PhD research project: Finding Urban Space for Children. Courtney was recently awarded candidature, and this session is an opportunity for the BE research community to find out what he’s up to and support him at this early stage of his research. This session may also be of interest to anyone beginning their HDR studies or approaching candidacy. Here’s a brief statement from Courtney on the thesis research:

“My PhD is focussed on better understanding the relationship between children and the built environment, in particular their independent mobility and active travel. I will do this by designing a children’s walkability audit that measures elements within the built environment that are important to children’s travel behaviour. A key objective of the research is to investigate how measures can be developed to reflect the subjective nature of some relationships, such as the perception of safety. The research draws upon post-positivist planning theories and participatory methods to develop the audit.”

Friday 17 June. 11am. Room 649. Building 201. Curtin Uni.
3rd in the "Four from the BODY" series of BE Fortnightlies.


Kat said...

If anyone is going to be going please take notes for me as I am in sydney and would be really interested in hearing about it

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